Charter House
Multi Sensory Room

Our multi sensory room has been equipped to suit the needs of both young people and adults who have physical disabilities, learning disabilities or sensory impairments.

come and experience our light effects in our multi sensory roomA mobile electric hoist to help people move onto the soft padded flooring, beanbag, or waterbed is available.


come and touch the lcd touch screen and see how you can be amazed
We have equipped our sensory room in a manner that gives control to the person using the room. Our LCD Touch screen can be used as a learning tool as it has ten different programmes to choose from including  shapes and number games.

Bubble Tube
The bubble tube is wireless and interactive and can be operated from anywhere in the room, using different switches to control the colour and the bubbles.

Infinity Tunnel
The switching system can be plugged into the infinity tunnel to give the user control with seven different programs to choose from. 

Fibre Optics
The fibre optics rotate through different colours, which are striking in a darkened room.

Media Center
Our touch screen media center means that access to visuals and audio are at your fingertips. This is being updated all the time and requests are encouraged as we like to cater to everyone and their needs.

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