All of our activity sessions will help to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination whilst encouraging creative development and social skills.

Activities include:
  • Baking, lots of tasty things to take home and enjoy.
  • Card making for those special occasions.
  • Painting- for our themes throughout the year or something of your choice.
  • Seasonal crafts- to take home, as a gift or as part of our seasonal themes. 
  • Individual projects- to suite each individuals need and choice.
  • Sewing- as a group or individually, something of personal choice.
  • Nails and hand massages- everyone needs a bit of relaxation. 
  • Computers- play, watch and explore.
  • Xbox Kinect- play our fun games, all interactive and great fun.
  • Bingo, see if you can win!
  • Plus many more exciting activities throughout the year.
  • Create your own individual and personal project.   

  • There are also opportunities for upcoming events such as trips to go see a pantomime, termly raffles and special surprise appearances throughout the year. 

Some of our arts and crafts will be seasonal, but each individual can decide on what topic area they wish to work on at any time of the year.

Take a look at our Facebook and Twitter page for more of our crafts and more up to date images.

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